Manicure for Jonsie

We gave Jonesi, our welsh black bull, a quick manicure today. Not the usual nail scissors and buffing brush job however. Rather a quick wiz round each hoof with an angle grinder. He finds it a bit upsetting to be in the cattle crush naturally, but the actual trim doesn’t hurt at all.

We’re rather desperate for rain here on the farm at the moment. It’s been astonishing to hear reports of flooding to the north and south of us while we haven’t seen as much as a drizzle. We had strong winds for a number of days but no rain whatsoever.

Growing Up Fast

Del chasing a Frisbee

Dell’s growing up fast. She’s a lot bigger these days but still as energetic which makes it a bit harder to control her. I’ve started taking her with me when I go for my morning jog. It’s working out well. She’s staying at my heel even when I run through fields of sheep and lambs.

With the recent hot weather we’re quite busy with the B&B guests already. I’m a little worried that I won’t have enough time to introduce her to sheep next month as planned. It may have to wait until we get a little quieter again in September.

Eirlys Enjoys the View

Eirlys enjoys the view

The picture above is Eirlys, our Welsh Black / Solair cross. Her calf, the black one at her heal, is called Eira (welsh for snow, it was snowing when she was born). The cows are all out of the cowshed now and enjoying the fresh new pasture. The hedgerows and the whitethorn are in flower, all the birds a busy finding food for their new chicks, It’s a great time to be on the farm. A pair of red kites are frequent visitors these days and a sparrow hawk made a brief appearance in our back garden on Tuesday. An impressive sight, but not good news for the young chicks perhaps.

I suspect there’s more new growth on the Oak than the Ash trees at the moment. ‘Oak before Ash only a splash’ would have us believe that it should be a dry summer. The weather this week has certainly been glorious.


Thinned out seedlings

I finally pulled myself together and thinned out my seedlings. Leaving only the lucky ones which happened to be the 6″ apart dictated on the seed packet. I suspect I should have done this weeks ago. The packet clearly stipulated, ‘pick out the weaker seedlings’. But they all looked so healthy to me, surely they all deserved a chance. But with a heavy heart the deed has now been done.

I’ve also had a go at putting a small selection of the spinach, and lettuce out into the raised beds just to see how they fare.