Pond Life

Pond Life
I took this photo of some creatures living in our pond, but I have no idea what they are. I’m guessing that the dead animal being eaten is a smooth newt, but what are the other two? The shrimp like beastie on the right kept his tail on the surface of the water. It looked like he was breathing through it if that’s any help to anyone.
It is illegal to sell smooth newts under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. Another revenue stream for the farm up the swanny, never mind. 😉

Philippa & Martin Holmes

Moody Skies 1 of 2 Moody skies 2 of 2

Hi Louise & Gwion
Just wanted to say thanks for looking after us last week at Byrdir.
We had a great time and are already missing your fabulous breakfasts and wondering when we can arrange a return to your lovely part of the world.
Anyway, despite that fact that they’re pretty useless from a marketing point of view, we thought you might appreciate these shots of some moody skies taken last week.
Philippa & Martin