Troy and Gabriella, Two Welsh Harlequin Ducks

Welsh Harlequin Ducks, Troy and Gabriella

We have two new arrivals at the farm. A pair of Welsh Harlequin Ducks. I let the children choose their names. Hoping they might come up with something traditional and welsh sounding. Rhiannon and Llywelyn perhaps. They quickly settled for Troy and Gabriella of course. Never mind. According to Wickipedia, the breed was first established back in the 1940’s by a farmer from Criccieth which is nice as Criccieth is only 20 miles up the road from us.

Anyway, they seem to have settled in well. Trotting quite happily to the stream every morning and returning promptly to their coup at dusk. The female however, is only laying occasional at this stage. I’ll keep you informed.

Our border collie, Dell, scrutinizes the new arrivals

Upland Escapes

Upland Escapes

We’re very proud that ‘Upland Escapes’ have selected us as one of their accommodation providers for their packaged walking holidays. Upland Escapes, founded in 2005, offer flexible and guided walking holidays for their clients. With established destinations in places such as the Austrian Alps the French Pyrenees and Grand Canaria they were keen to establish another base in Snowdonia.

It’s particularly pleasing that such experienced walking experts considered the mountains at our back door would offer the best walking experience to their clients. In turn, we’re very impressed by the package they offer. Thoroughly researched guided walks combined with gourmet picnics and our accommodation of course. Best of all they’ve asked Sheena and Gary, a local couple, to act as their guides or ‘upland managers’. You couldn’t hope to meet two nicer people.

Mountain landscapes and miles of sandy of beach are a rare combination destined to make the soul sing. The Rhinog Mountains are a secret wilderness of rock, heather and grassland, cut by streams and dotted with lakes. Upland Escapes

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