Permeable Membrane

Permeable Membrane

The only thing I was going to try a little differently this year was to cover one of my raised beds with a black permeable membrane. The main idea being that it will help suppress weeds. So less work for me hopefully. It should have the added benefit of reducing evaporation and help keep the soil moist.

I suspect however, that the membrane will provide a great retreat for slugs. They’ll use it to hide from birds and the midday sun following their night time raids on my vegetables. The thought of them, gorged and satisfied under their blanket, as I survey my machine gunned cabbages is upsetting me already.

14 Peaks of Wales

Crib Goch and Llyn Llydaw

There are 14 peaks in Wales over 3000 feet, or so I thought until recently. Apparently Tryfan’s credentials are under suspicion. Despite being one of the most handsome mountains in the Snowdonia National Park it’s height of 3002 feet has always meant that it only ever just scraped over the pass mark.

Three men, John Barnard, Graham Jackson and Myrddyn Phillips are out to put the issue to rest once and for all however. They’ve already got form in this area having recently highlighting that Sgurr nan Ceannaichean did not qualify as a Munro Mountain. The Munro’s being the Scottish equivalent of the over 3000 feet club.

I for one really hope that one of my favorite mountains passes the grade. You can keep a track of the survey work by visiting the GandJSurvey channel on YouTube.

If you fancy having a go at climbing all 14 peaks the Snowdonia Society have put a great website together at . The record of 4hrs 19minutes has stood since 1988. Good luck with that!

Lucy Feeding the Pigs

We just wanted to thank you for such a lovely time with you last week.
It was our 4th time in the same “cow shed”, although we had not been for a couple of years. It made us wonder why we had left it so long.
You both made us feel so welcome on your farm, we totally relaxed.
I’ve attached a picture of Lucy doing her favourite thing!
Hopefully it won’t be as long before we see you again.

Best wishes,
Sarah, Russell and Lucy Terry.

Lucy feeding the pigs