Eirlys Enjoys the View

Eirlys enjoys the view

The picture above is Eirlys, our Welsh Black / Solair cross. Her calf, the black one at her heal, is called Eira (welsh for snow, it was snowing when she was born). The cows are all out of the cowshed now and enjoying the fresh new pasture. The hedgerows and the whitethorn are in flower, all the birds a busy finding food for their new chicks, It’s a great time to be on the farm. A pair of red kites are frequent visitors these days and a sparrow hawk made a brief appearance in our back garden on Tuesday. An impressive sight, but not good news for the young chicks perhaps.

I suspect there’s more new growth on the Oak than the Ash trees at the moment. ‘Oak before Ash only a splash’ would have us believe that it should be a dry summer. The weather this week has certainly been glorious.

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