10 Eggs in the Nest

Duck Eggs

Gabriella, our female welsh harlequin duck is sitting on ten eggs at the moment. We noticed that she’d been around less frequently at the beginning of June. So we quietly followed her one day and sure enough watched as see crept onto her nest hidden within some brambles and ferns near the river.

I think ducks have an incubation period of about 28 days so will look forward to what happens at the end of the month. Some friends in the village have already put their name forward as potential foster parents. There will be a strict inspection process naturally.

Jul 06th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Farm News

A quick update on our ducks:
Welsh Harlequin Chick
7 out of the 10 eggs that Gabriella our Welsh Harlequin Duck has been sitting on have hatched successfully. She kept them in their nest for a day before all venturing out this morning to the pond. The last duckling needed a little bit of help to catch up so we’ve brought him in for a while to keep warm next to the aga. We’re all very exited as you can imagine, Del included.

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