Growing Up Fast

Del chasing a Frisbee

Dell’s growing up fast. She’s a lot bigger these days but still as energetic which makes it a bit harder to control her. I’ve started taking her with me when I go for my morning jog. It’s working out well. She’s staying at my heel even when I run through fields of sheep and lambs.

With the recent hot weather we’re quite busy with the B&B guests already. I’m a little worried that I won’t have enough time to introduce her to sheep next month as planned. It may have to wait until we get a little quieter again in September.

3 Replies to “Growing Up Fast”

  1. beautiful photos! and what an interesting perspectve. it looks to me like you live in a postcard. 🙂

  2. A quick update to let you know how Del has now learnt to spell. We were preparing to go to the beach one afternoon when I asked Louise not to forget the f. r. i. s. b. e. e. Spelling the word out so as to prevent the dog from getting over exited. Del however, immediately ran to the cupboard where I keep the frisbee and jumped up and down excitedly. Proving in my opinion that she has now learnt to spell. Fantastic.

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