North Easterly Winds

A strong wing blowing in from the North East

We had some unusual weather conditions last week. There was a a realy strong wind blowing in from the North-East. It played havock with my vetgetable beds unfortunetly. My newly constructed hazel climbing frame was completely blown away together with most of the french beans that were just begining to cling to it. I’ve also got greenfly on my parsnips. Nowhere else, just the parsnips. So if anybody out there has some tips on how to get rid of them I’d love to hear from you. Organic methods only naturally.

The rest of the vegetables are doing quite well. We’ve been eating a lot of the lettuce and rocket. And the tomatoes have just started producing tine little green fruit which is very exiting for a first timer like me. I’ll try and take some photo’s and post them on here in the next couple of days.

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  1. Ladybirds will eat the green fly on your parsnips as a long term solution to your parsnip problem! A short term solurion would be a weak solution of ‘green’ washing up liquid and water sprayed on to the leaves! I amaze myself of the wonderful facts that I carry around in my head!

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