Royal Welsh, Small Holder and Garden Festival

Lamas at the Royal Welsh Small Holders Fair

We escaped from the farm last week to go to the ‘Small Holders Fair’ which is held every year in Builth Wells on the Royal Welsh Show ground. We don’t get a chance to go to the Royal welsh itself as it’s held in late July. A busy time for us. So the Small Holders Fair provides a welcome alternative.

It’s a great fair and I can highly recommend it. We loved looking at all the pedigree sheep cows and pigs, but our favorites this year were the Alpacas. Very cuddly. I was also tempted into the poultry auction which was being held on the day we were there. 30 minutes and a couple of nods of the head later I was the proud owner of 5 Quail hens. I wasn’t entirely sure how much I paid when the hammer went down. So I was relieved to find that my winning bid was £5 each. Bargin! We managed the journey home with the help of a cardboard box. But at 11pm I was still putting the finishing touches on a hastily constructed coup.

I think the design worked quite well and would probably also suit two or three hens. So I’ve made a note of the steps I took as well as the rough sketches in case anyone would like to copy them. I’m sure the design can be improved on, but it might help as a starting point for people.

Chicken Coup Build Instructions >>

Quail From the Small Holders Fair in Builth Wells

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  1. North Wales is one of the past destinations that I will visit again, there is a magic in the Mountains and your web site captures this beautifully. I come from a non-rural semi industrial area of dorset, (plenty of industry if your are an engineer, but no jobs!!!) that is to some extent a tourist resort. (not Bournemouth which is a resort) but without sounding like I yearn for the Halcyon days of pastural splendour, it is great to get some space, and away from the continual police sirens of the connurbation. Thanks for the web site, its marked as a favorite, cant wait for a quite time at the florist to get away and visit.

    Lots of love

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