Aubergine seedlings

The greenhouse is looking quite green at the moment. Louise was getting a little fed up of my propagator on the kitchen windowsill so I’ve now transplanted most of my seedlings into individual pots in the greenhouse. They include aubergines, chilly peppers, sweet peppers, sprouts and tomatoes. The only ones who suffered from this are the cucumbers. They drooped a bit after transplanting, but my new bible ‘The Vegetable and Heb Expert’ did warn me that might happen. I’ve also learnt to favor Thompson & Morgan for seeds. All their seeds seem to sprout without exception which also means I need to learn to sow a little more thinly in future.

Brussels Sprout seedlings

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  1. I do find it helpful to sow thinly from the beginning. In my opinion it’s better to sow thin and have some seeds that don’t sprout than to have to thin them out later and risk damaging delicate seedlings.

    These actually don’t look too bad, though. Droopy or not. 🙂


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