Preparing the Sheep

Del watching the sheepI’ve read that when training a young dog it’s useful to have some sheep which are comfortable with staying at the shepherd’s feet. Our welsh mountain sheep are the opposite of this so I’ve penned six old ewes in the ‘gadlas’ (a small field used to monitor sick animals) and started to give them some dried food every morning. Hopefully they’ll get a little calmer near me and a little more used to having a dog in the field.

I’ve created a bit of a problem by using the ducks to train Del as she now stalks them almost continuously when I’m not around. I have to say, Will (the drake) doesn’t help as he seems to seek out Del and challenge her to a fight on occasion. If I rap on the window for example Del will sit obediently facing me but the duck will continue to peck away at the back of her head. I’m at a bit of a loss what to do.