Basic Training

Training Del with the ducks

So Del and I have been working on some basic obedience training. She sits and stays on command pretty well and comes back to me when called. We’re having a bit of a problem with her chewing everything however. Do date we’re one pair of slippers, one pair of child’s school shoes and numerous toilet rolls down. She also pines a little at night despite doing all I can to make the shed outside as comfy as possible.

Every body has advised me that I shouldn’t introduce Del to sheep until she is at least 6 months old. She may get bullied by the sheep whilst small and be permanently but off apparently. So, being as impatient as ever, I’ve been trying to teach Del to round up our two Indian Runner ducks in a small fenced off area next to the house. She seems to be doing ok, and certainly has the right body position so I’m encouraged.

A New Addition

Del and Seren, friends already

Just before Christmas we decided to buy a border collie puppy. We’ve been considering this for some time. I had romantic ideas of herding distant flocks of sheep on the remote slopes of the Rhinog mountains. I even learnt to whistle with my fingers and everything. So on the 19th of December Del joined our growing menagerie of domestic animals. I should explain, del means pretty in welsh and has nothing to do with the computer manufacturer. We bought her from Llwyngiffry a nearby farm for £50. Her mum and dad are both good working dogs and she has a black mouth palate, which is a good sign apparently. So I guess if she doesn’t shape up it’ll probably be my fault. Oh, and I’ve bought a book, Herding Dogs: Progressive Training by Vergil S Holland